Our Kind of Traitor
Our Kind of Traitor
IMDb 6.2,
MGG 6.0

Our Kind of Traitor

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107 min
A young academic from Oxford goes on vacation in Antigua with his girlfriend, where by chance he gets acquainted with a Russian millionaire, who wears a diamond watch and owns half of the island. He first offers them a game of tennis, and then lures in a guided tour, first in London, which will result in the acquaintance with British intelligence, then in Paris and the Alps.


Angielski, Azerbejdżanski, Gruziński, Litewski, Rosyjski, Rosyjski z audiodeskrypcją, Ukraiński, Ukraiński z audiodeskrypcją, Uzbecki, Łotewski


Azerbejdżanski, Gruziński, Kirgiski, Rosyjski, Rumuński, Ukraiński