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Unconquerable (Episo...
IMDb 6.0,
MGG 7.0

Unconquerable (Episodes)

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, Akcja, Rosja
52 minuty
Egor Kremniev is a special agent of Russian intelligence. Recently, he was haunted by failure: the failure of the military operations in Colombia, where Kremniev led a capture group, claimed the lives of all his comrades. Kremniev is blamed for the tragedy. He becomes deprived of authority. Now he is an ordinary monitoring agent. But it seems that his troubles are not over. During the last mission, which promised to be simple and safe, the Colombian tragedy repeats killing all Kremniev’s associates. The man who had to be grabbed was the secretary of the fugitive oligarch Sorkin – Michael Schering, who has long been sought. Schering is rumored to have secret papers, for which not only Russian intelligence looks for him, but also the powerful organized crime syndicate of the West. Now Kremniev has a difficult task – to deliver Schering home. To rehabilitate his past failures and regain his good name, Kremniev is going to deliver Schering alone, without the help of fellow scouts. Especially considering that there is betrayal, conspiracy, ambushes and traps around. But the main object of Kremniev’s trap is his delivery object – Schering. It not easy for Kremniev to get rid of his influence. This deadly journey will change both: the vanquished Schering and the undefeated Kremniev. See the full-length version on Непобедимый




Rosyjski, Ukraiński